KBC Office Number & Address 2024 0019197097959

Everyone is familiar with KBC because of its huge success and there is going to be a small number and the largest limit they can go up to is one crore. You will be able to get the prize money when you visit the headquarters of KBC and inform derived. Hence, that is where the name came from as well. It also came from the English television game show named “Who wants to be a millionaire”.KBC Office Number & Address 0019197097959.

This quiz show is played in simple understanding. When the participants answer a question, they will be rewarded with prize money. Therefore, the limit up to what and how much you can win is one crore. Moreover, you can also call them on their number or helpline to get to know more about how to proceed with them.

It is not just for the prize money that you can contact them but for other elements as well. Some of them are listed below. population of people who might not still be familiar with it. KBC or Kaun Banega Crore pati is one of the hit shows in India. It is a quiz game show which allows Indian citizens to win for call KBC Office Number & Address 0019197097959

KBC Office Number & Address 0019197097959

Participating in prize lotteries 

KBC not only gives a proper advantage to the participants on the show but, it also helps numerous in other ways. Therefore, you can avail of lotteries as well.

it is said that they have one every month or in an alternate form. Therefore, you will need to get along with the information regarding their lotteries. If you are looking for any sort of help when it comes to the lotteries that they are offering then you can easily call them or on their helpline 0019197097959. You will be assisted then accordingly by looking at the problem you are facing or any inquiries you have yet to be answered. 

KBC Head Office Kolkata NO 0019197097959

Hence, you can call the KBC head office through their number to also know if you have won the lottery you can also find out other stuff about the show if you are interested in going. If you have opted for a lottery then you can always the KBC office number/ address to head to their location.

The best thing about KBC is that they have their head office located in most of the cities in India. Hence, this helps customers in understanding the game show much better and also helps them solve their problems in a much better way. KBC Office Number & Address 0019197097959

Where you can find the KBC contact number :CALL FOR THESE NUMBER 0019197097959

There are going to be different numbers for all of the different areas that they stay in. Hence, you need to pick the right one. If you are watching the show itself then the numbers will appear on the screen. The numbers that are displayed are 100% authentic and all of them work efficiently.

Hence, you can note those numbers down and call on the one which is in your area otherwise, near to your area. However, if you can only spot one number on the screen then you can call that instead and they will further guide you. KBC Office Number & Address 0019197097959

Moreover, you can also get the KBC number online from their website kbccompany.info. There are tons of numbers that they have which also raises a privacy issue. Hence, you should be careful when it comes to calling and should be straightforward with your inquiry because there is going to be a shortage of time. Moreover,

when it comes to the location, you can always search for it on your maps and they will tell you the exact location. Other than this, you can also search for it on the screen when watching KBC. All of the materials given when the show is running will be authentic and working as well.KBC Head Office Number Dehli 0019197097959

Be Aware of Scams: call for Headquarter Number Mumbai 00191917097959


KBC has received complaints from people alleging that they receive information about KBC Office number via suspicious text messages, calls, or even WhatsApp. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that scammers use fake email IDs and phone numbers to contact Indians and exploit them. Those people recieve this type off call than contact 0019197097959

How to Avoid Scammers call 2023 head office NO 0019197097959

scammers have been sending bogus KBC office number/ address, emails, SMS messages and WhatsApp messege and call toients in order to misuse and exploit their sensitive information.

You can determine if a source is genuine or fraudulent by looking at what they are asking. Fake sources are more likely to request personal information and to deposit money into their personal accounts. You should also be on the lookout for false messages about winning the KBC Lottery.

If you receive suspicious emails or texts regarding the KBC lottery, contact the KBC head office immediately. For your protection, you can report these fraudulent individuals. if you are recieve any type of lottery calls you just call these number 0019197097959.

Participation made Easier for customer fordur information call our head office Kolkata 0019197097959

Registration for the KBC lottery is easy the entire process of registration for the lottery is done at clients end .All SIM cards from India have been registered. Every number can now participate in the lottery and has a chance of winning the lucky draw for 25 lakhs. You will be instructed to contact Jio Head Office via your mobile phone once you have received your lottery number. They can also be reached via WhatsApp and KBC office number/ address.

30% Income Tax Deduction From the Prize Money 

These are some of the most amazing facts that you might not know. 30% of any prize money that a candidate receives is immediately subtracted to allow for tax deduction. If you earn one crore, you’ll get 70 lakhs.

All Questions in Real-Time 

call for these detail 0019197097959

Kaun Banega Crorepati: How to make millions 

The Kaun Banega Crorepati, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, has been the most-watched TV game show of all time. It beat Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt who anchored Big Boss. Multi Screen Media, India’s distributor of Sony Entertainment TV, announced that Bachchan, 69, will host the next edition of Kaun Banega Crorepati (or KBC), which is a popular TV show with millions of viewers and has been the subject of an Oscar-winning film.

Their success is down to one thing: lotteries work.

Lotteries have the advantage that other people can purchase tickets with cash. It is not money
from government. It is not possible to find a generous sponsor who regularly raffles large
amounts of cash among lottery participants. It’s just everyone’s money.Let’s go further:

The prize fund does not include the money that participants have spent. This
is only half the prize fund.

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